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Listed Building Orangeries

Timber Orangeries
Listed Building Orangeries

Orangeries were the height of fashion in the 17th and 18th centuries, when glass was expensive due to it being hand blown and being subject to window-tax. At the time, ownership of an orangery could be interpreted as being ostentatious.

It was only in the middle of the Victorian era that the craze for conservatories started, fuelled by the Crystal Palace built for the Great Exhibition in 1851 and the availability some years later of un-taxed and cheaper to produce plate glass.

This means that if you own a Listed Building, or live in a Conservation Area or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that predates the Victorian era, an orangery can often be more acceptable to Planning Officers and Planning Departments of Local Authorities and make it easier to receive Planning Permission.  We supply Listed Building Orangeries. This is particularly important for Georgian buildings, as although there are 200-year old buildings called Georgian Conservatories when they were built, they would be described as a Georgian Orangery today.

Creatively, you often gain by choosing an orangery over a conservatory. The flat roof and dwarf walls can be designed externally to match the finish of your property and internally to your personal preferences. The ceiling can incorporate one or more roof lanterns to provide natural light and downlights for evening and night-time illumination.

Economically, the orangery you should be cheaper to heat than a conservatory as the roof and partially bricked walls offer greater insulation than the equivalent area of double or triple glazing, and the same features also protect you from being overlooked by neighbours and nosy passers by.

So all in all you may find a preference for an orangery as well, with the reassurance that they are not as vulgarly ostentatious as they once were!

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